About Mrs.Bourgeois

My name is Sarah — a lover of all things but most of all, of love itself. Equality is what I like, and promote.  After all, love is for everyone, love is kind.

As a young girl, I started cleaning dishes in a popular restaurant in my hometown. As a result, I had the opportunity to interact with clients, and it turned out, they loved it. 

Having heard so many times that I was so good with words and people, I started to think what more I could do with my talent, and I dived deep into the world of weddings. After several studies and obtaining the necessary diplomas, I’m as a child in the Disney Land when someone’s asking me to do their ceremony.

Being a travel addict, I understand different ceremonies and traditions perfectly and fuse them into an exotic mix to remember. For me, creating a beautiful ceremony is the air I breathe, it’s my coffee in the morning and my wine at dinner. I just love turning your most important day into your most beautiful day, with all the bells you desire. 

It’s not just about doing your ceremony. It’s about making the most beautiful scene on that special moment into the most magical moment”, is what I always say when people ask me why I do this. After all, what else can be more satisfying than binding people for the purest reason of them all?